Some times when I check out a game’s blog, I am curious as to the tools used. So I thought I would do this for my site.


  • Linode (Referral Link): This is what I use to host my website and potentially a server for games in the future. It’s a virtual linux server. It is real easy to use and gives you some OS choices and total flexibility in what you want to install.
  • WordPress: The site is done using WordPress.
  • Subtle Patterns (Subtle Patterns) / CC BY-SA 3.0 was used for the background pattern.

Tug of Four:

  • VS 2010 Express: Necessary for XNA
  • XNA 4.0: Needed to put the game out on the XBLIG section. I enjoyed using this library, if I make a Windows game, I will probably use this.
  • Musopen: Great site for public domain music.
  • pdsounds: Good site for public domain sound effects.
  • Open Clip Art Library: Another public domain site. This one has clip art.
  • psdGraphics: I bought a couple backgrounds from here. They were only $4 each and look really good.