My name is Charlie and I recently quit my full time job to try to eek out a living creating video games.

My first game was for the Xbox Live Indie Gaming section. It is called Tug of Four. It is a party game about deceiving you friends. It was one of the best moments of my life to see my game purchasable on Xbox. My next game will also be for the Xbox. It will be a zombie shmup and doesn’t currently have a name.

My goal is to produce social indie games. I am trying to make them social in ways that aren’t “Send your friend this invite on Facebook.” I want them to be social in a “let’s play this game together” or “let me make a level for this game and I can share it with my friends” kind of way.

My friend Tim helped triage the art I had created for the first game. He is now helping with the art in the new game. He started helping from the beginning instead of half way through this time. So there is no art to triage.

I have another friend helping too. He let me ping ideas off of him for the first game. This game, he is doing some of the coding.

I plan on switching to PC games after this game. I hope to make them playable on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


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