There has been plenty to post on. I just don’t give myself the time. Maybe I am just not a blogger at heart.

Firstly, I quit my full time job to do this (yay!). My plans are to try this for as long as I can. I might do some contractor work to keep funds up until I get enough money from games. I haven’t come to that yet though.

Secondly, I have been working on a zombie shmup for XBLIG. I had a few reasons that I wanted to do this. I wanted to make another game that wouldn’t take too long to make. I figured it would help with motivation and maybe mitigate risk around not currently having an income stream. I also wanted to do some procedural generation stuff on a smallish scale so that I can take that knowledge going forward into new endeavors. Anything that I have had to do in this game that was in Tug of Four would take generally minutes to implement in the new game where it might have taken days in Tug of Four. Also, my XBLIG subscription is still good until September so I thought I would try to squeeze this game in by then. It won’t make it in time now. That is alright though. The first game made enough to cover the cost.

I have a video of some SUPER early gameplay with place holder graphics. My artist buddy Tim has been prettying up the art. I want to have another gameplay video in the next week or two.

I plan on participating in Ludum Dare this weekend! This will be my first one. I plan on using C# and XNA since I am most familiar with creating games in that so far. I hope to do future Ludum Dare’s in something  that is more natively cross platform like Python and Pygame.


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